We are not affiliated with The Green Yogi Online Classes nor The Green Yogi Berkeley, all entities have different owners.

We are no longer called The Green Yogi, we have changed our name as it didn’t really fit us anymore. We have become something a little bigger, a little more inclusive, and a lot more involved. We have the same owners, teachers, staff and gorgeous studio location but as it often happens in life we have shed our old self. We have you all to thank for that.

Thank you for making our studio very special!


1) Will my class packages/memberships be honored? Yes, the owners are the same, we have just rebranded so anything purchase from November 2017 onwards was with the current owners and will be or has been honored. Anything purchased before then will not or has not been.

2) Will the studio Staff and Class Schedule be the same? Yes, all Staff and Studio Schedule is exactly as it has been, nothing has changed but our new rebrand! 

3) Is my Mind Body app and login the same? Yes, your login and app information will be exactly as it was, nothing has changed but our rebrand. To login you can go to our new site or straight though your app:

A Little Press Release From Around Town

They say “your vibe attracts your tribe”

Chelsea Berg, owner of Yoga M.B (formerly the Green Yogi), couldn’t agree more. In a statement earlier this month, Chelsea said she is proud of the culture and community her studio has inspired in North Manhattan Beach and she’s looking forward to what’s next.

“I purchased the studio in November of 2017 and have made it my mission to be an involved and informed community business partner and to offer our students the very best classes led by the very best instructors.”

When we asked why she decided to rebrand her business now – Chelsea stated, “I chose to rebrand the studio to complete the process of truly embracing this space as my own and start this new decade with love, light and the promise of more wonderful things to come! I expected challenges in taking over an existing business and unfortunately with regards to the original ownership there were many.”

 Chelsea went on to say “I’m beyond ready to leave any negative energy behind and focus on personally practicing what we preach in our classes every day. With the new decade upon us and so many blessings in our lives and wanting the same peace and light we offer our clients for ourselves -It seemed like the perfect time!”

When we asked what’s changing beyond the name Chelsea stated, “we will still be the studio our members have come to know and love. Our classes range from 60-75 minutes led by our highly skilled certified instructors that focus on overall mental and physical wellness. When you place your mat in our studio we want you to feel like your home, for that hour, for that moment the sense of belonging and serenity wraps you up.”